If you’ve got a great health or medical story, contact us. If it’s good enough, we’ll sell your health story for cash to a newspaper or magazine. Your health story can be happy, sad, funny or moving – just as long as it’s true.

Medical miracles
Do you have a health story that will inspire people? Have you had a medical miracle that will give hope to fellow sufferers? Stories about tiny premature babies, courageous fights for survival and beating rare diseases are of real interest to newspapers and magazines.

Triumph over adversity
Have you, or someone you know, fought a disease and won? Did you beat a medical condition that no-one thought you would? Did you experience an NHS blunder and live to tell the tale? Health stories about the triumph of the human spirit are always popular with readers.

Rare illnesses
Did you beat cancer or prove the doctor wrong? Did you survive a rare illness, ailment or condition? Did you keep going against all the odds? Women’s magazines are always looking for inspirational health stories that give hope and advice to fellow sufferers.

Weight loss and cosmetic surgery
Did your diet make you lose a dramatic amount of weight? Or did that latest slimming cure go very, very wrong? Did your cosmetic surgery change your life for the better or worse? Unusual stories about changes in personal appearance – whether dietary or cosmetic - are of great interest to magazines and newspapers.